Top 5 Professions of Future
Posted on Mar 11, 2011

Fast Future company experts have published a list of professions which will appear during next 20 years.

1. Specialist in organs production

New achievements in science will give an opportunity for people to produce different body parts. Also specialists in damaged transplantats restoration will be needed.

2. Specialists in Nano-medicine

The progress in sphere of Nano-technologies may change our view of medicine.

3. Genetic engineering specialists in agriculture

This new generation of farmers will raise the index of crop sector and animal husbandry.

4. Wellness consultants for aged people

These specialists will use the newest methodologies of modern medicine to take care of aged people’s health.

5. Surgeon dealing with memory capacity enlargement

This will be a new category of surgeons. They will enlarge the capacity of people’s memory. These surgeons will also deal with patients overloaded with information.

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