Top 5 Earth Records
Posted on May 04, 2011

1. The Highest Mountain

Everest is the highest mountain on Earth with the height of 8,848 m. It grows on 4 mm annually due to two tectonic plates weighing on each other.

2. The Highest Waterfall

Angel waterfall in Venezuela is 979 meters high. It was called after American pilot Angel James, who flew over it in 1935.

3. The Hottest Place

The record belongs to Al-Aziza village, situated in Libya. Temperature of about 58 degrees Celsius was registered there.

4. The Coldest Place

The coldest place on Earth is Antarctica where temperature may reach -89 degrees Celsius.

5. The Biggest Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is the biggest one. It covers more than 32% of Earth’s square.

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