Top 5 Weird Theme Parks
Posted on Oct 07, 2011

5. Holy Land Experience

While there’s nothing wrong with religion, there is definitely something odd about a theme park based around life during the time of Jesus, the odd part being that the park does reenactments of many events, including the crucifixion of Jesus. If you’re a devout Christian, this park just may take you to Heaven in Orlando, Florida. The park was built in order to allow present-day people to experience life during ancient times in the Holy Land. At the park you’ll find a town made to look like olden-day Jerusalem with markets, a Judean Village, a Temple, and even a Garden Tomb that is meant to look like the one Jesus was buried in, as well as many other structures that were built to present the architecture and life 2000 years back. There are also old artifacts that allow every visitor to picture themselves in the life of someone living in the Holy Land. While this park is very spiritual and educational, it doesn’t fit the perfect mold for a theme park.

4. Memory Village

Another theme park that takes its visitors back into time, Memory Village is one that provides everyone the chance to experience life as a slave. Though not an established theme park, Ron and Carla Bluntschli of Haiti want to create the first theme park revolving around slaves in hopes of educating the public about slavery. Those who visit the park are given the chance to be a participator or a spectator. Those who decide to take on the participating role are given traditional slave clothing and are then mock-kidnapped, chained, and forced to load a mock slave ship. Other participators are “sold” and put on a plantation.  After the end of the 12 hour day, participants reenact a slave rebellion and free themselves. Even though the park is still in the works, it definitely deserves a spot on the list as the idea of a slave-theme park is entirely bizarre. Visit site

3. Grutas Park

Keeping on with the topic of human oppression, Grutas Park is another theme park that really twitches a nerve in your head. Sometimes known as “Stalin’s World” and “the park of totalitarianism,” Grutas Park is located in Lithuania and is definitely no Disneyland. The park is surrounded by barbed wire as well as watch towers; not the happiest of sights. Founded by Vilumas Malinauskas, the park is home to statues of extremely famous Soviets, including Lenin, Marx, Dzerzhinsky, and even Stalin, just to name a few of the 100 statues found there. These statues were placed in the park after they were dismantled in 1990 after Lithuania gained its independence. To bring in a sense of light-heartedness and child-friendliness, the park added a zoo filled with peacocks and ostriches as well as plenty of other animals. Somehow, my brain can’t put together a peacock and Stalin at the same place. Visit site

2. Bon Bon Land

If any park on this list screams “wrong,” this theme park is definitely it. The park was built in 1998 and has since undergone construction in order to add new rides and attractions. Located in Denmark, this park focuses on scatological ideas and humor…that’s right, poop. While it features plenty of cute farm-animal characters that all children would love to look at, the obscene gestures that they are making turn the park into one big disturbing place. From afar it seems quite innocent, but with a roller coaster named “Dog Fart Coaster” and figures of naked pigs with their human-esque breasts showing, it’s anything but. However, somehow, the park is deemed to be very family friendly and offers all types of fun and events, from shows, to rollercoasters, rafting, and even playgrounds.

1. Love Land

Love Land definitely deserves the top spot on the list. Now, if you thought Freud overdid it when it came to phallic, vaginal, or sexual symbols, you’ve seen nothing until now; meet Love Land. Located in Cheju Island in South Korea, the park is literally based around nothing but sex, and was meant to be for adults-only, but was eventually demolished before it was even able to open to the public. The whole idea behind the park was to help Chinese citizens “enjoy a harmonious sex life.” At the park you’d have found giant statues of penises, vaginas, and statues committing a several different sexual acts. While the park was actually built and prepared to open in October 2009, the Chinese government deemed the theme park to be overtly sexual and considered it to be a very negative influence on the Chinese culture.

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